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    FileReference - crossdomain.xml - restrict access to just MY Flex app?

    Mike6679 Level 1

      I have a web based Flex app in (domain A)  that esentially needs to download files to the user's desktop FROM an external server (domain B). I use the Adobe FileReference class in order to do this. Now, I know I will need a crossdomain.xml file on the external server in domain B on order to establish trust between the Flex app and the download server. Ultimately I need any user in any domain to have access to the download server so the crossdomain file would need to specify:


      allow-access-from domain="*"

      But this will open up acess to the downloadble files to any flex app out there on the web . Is there a way to restrict access to just MY Flex app in the
      crossdomain.xml file?

      thx in advance!