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    Confusion on setting up scratch discs, etc. properly on three drive PC

    msp1518 Level 1

      Okay, it took me days and days to figure out Premiere Pro and scratch/project discs. Now I have AE5.5 trial downloaded and I am struggling to understand, yet again.


      My main OS drive is an SSD.


      I then have my D drive, which is a RAID 0 made up of two 7200rpm Samsung Spinpoints.


      Then I have my E drive, a Mirrored RAID, where all of my raw footage (stuff shot in the camera) is stored.


      Here is a picture of my settings, which I am sure is wrong. I'd love someone who knows to tell mw what to change and to where.




      P.S. You will notice both D and E drives I have a CS5.5 folder. That is because this is a trial and I set up a special folder on each drive for the AE5.5 stuff. It was just for my own ability to keep track of what I am doing.