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    problem running debugger

    mitchgrrt Level 1
      When running an application in Flexbuilder, using the Eclipse Debug button, I get this error:

      C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\NPSWF32.dll

      Flex Builder cannot locate the required version of the Flash Player. You may need to install Flash Player 9.0 or reinstall Flex Builder. Do you want to try to run your application with the current version?

      I have tried installing the debug player from here:


      clicking this link:

      Download the Windows Flash Player 9 Plugin content debugger (for Netscape-compatible browsers) (EXE, 1.21 MB)

      But after doing that I get the message when running in debug mode and also when running in non-debug mode.

      Can somebody tell me how to set this up so I can debug? Thanks.
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          Im also having the same problem.
          I have tried the following

          reinstalling flex builder

          reinstalling the correct flash player debugger

          copying the NPSWF32.dll from the default location (C:\Windows\system32\macromed\flash) to the new location (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\)

          Yet, Im still getting the same error message

          Any suggestions ?

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            schjlatah Level 1
            I am getting the same error on a fresh install of Flex Builder.
            Third day at work, and I can't get the the IDE to work (makes me look like I know what I'm doing).
            I'm currently running Flash Player 9,0,45,0. Everyone else in the office is running 9,0,28,0.
            I don't know where to get a previous version of Flash Player.
            I may just uninstall everything I can find and try re-installing it all.
            Is this a problem with the newer FP version? What version are you running? ( you can find out by going here: http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_15507 )
            I noticed that your posts started last week, was it ( 9,0,45,0 ) released then?

            The strange thing is that in the error window that shows up "Flash Player Not Found" if I just click Yes where it asks if I "want to try to run my application with the current version" it works just fine.
            The only problem is the error pops up. Its more annoying than anything else.
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              copy the entire file system from c:\windows\system32\macromed\ to c\program files\mozilla firefox\plugins and it works fine.
              switch your browser in the preferences window within flex to read from an external browser, and choose firefox
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                schjlatah Level 1
                I just un-installed Flex Builder and the Adobe Flash Player 9,0,45,0 and reinstalled with a version of Flex Builder I downloaded from Adobe.com. It installed Flex Builder and the Flash Player and everything works fine now.
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                  MotionMaker Level 1
                  I had the same problem after installing 9,0,45,0 debug for mozilla.

                  The debugging worked except for the annoying popup message. The flash.system.Capabilities.version showed 9,0,45,0 and flash.system.Capabilities.isDebugger showed true so it was using the debugger version. Flash tracer was picking up trace statements.

                  I copied NPSWF32.dll from C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins

                  and the popup went away.

                  Might there be a change in Firefox plugin that affects Flex Adobe?