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    Possible to do the 3d motion tracking text in video with only adobe products?

    Knight Industries

      I am very interested in doing some 3d text in some video with motion tracking, such as you see in the opening shots in the show Fringe.


      You will have a scene of maybe a street in the city, the camera is looking forward and moving, you have 3d block text that seems to be just hovering there up off the ground but looks like a real physical 3d object in the shot as the camera moves around.


      I have been looking up tutorials for this in After effects on youtube but they always use other non adobe products as well such as boujou or 3ds max,  I am wondering if it is possible to make the same shot with only adobe products. If so, what whould I use other than after effects.  And lastly, can anyone point me to a good free tutorial using only adobe programs if there is one out there?


      I have seen one video of someone adding text to a moving video but it was flat or plastered onto a wall and not the nice block letters that look like a sculpture in the video.