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    Resizable panel startup width

    Rums Level 1



      I have a CS Extension panel on CS5.5. On new InDesign installations, when the panel is first launched, it shows the panel as a small gray box and it has to be resized to view the panel fully. I have set the min width and height for the panel. If I set the min width in the manifest, my panel is not resizable. I would like a resizable panel but it needs to open with a certain width and height when first launched. Right now, I have to resize it the first time and once resized, the width and height sticks in InDesign. The stickiness is good but its not intuitive for most users to resize the panel for the first time. Is there any other place where I should change the settings? I tried to set the width and height after the creationComplete event too but that does not seem to help.