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    camera - black frame

    Piotr Wierzgała



      I'm trying to make my camera work with Camera class but instead of vido stream I get a black frame in my VideoDisplay object. I looks like my camera doesn't work with filex but is it possible? When I use it with other application (e.g. Skype) it works fine.


      I used code copied from some web page (it works for my friend):


           import mx.controls.Alert;
           private function videoDisplay_creationComplete():void {                    
                var camera:Camera = Camera.getCamera();
                if (camera) {
                } else {
                     Alert.show("You don't seem to have a camera.");
      <mx:Button id="button"
           label="Reload Camera"
           click="videoDisplay_creationComplete();" />     
      <mx:VideoDisplay id="videoDisplay"
           height="100%" />

      My question is: what is wrong that my camera works with Skype but not with Flex?