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    URGENT: Flash 10.3 breaking my flex application




      I have been asked to repost this question here (rather than on the flash forums).


      See original post here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/874960?tstart=0





      I am an avid supporter of flex/air.  Our company has been using flex to interact with our backend web service.  As this is a REST web service, I am using the as3httpclientlib and crypto library via sockets (TLSSocket and Socket) to allow the application to send PUT and DELETE.

      The link to my flex application:




      I recently upgraded the flash player to the latest:


      10,3,181,34 (in my case mac)


      and my application can no longer connect to the web service.  Running flash 10.1, this issue is not reproduced.  Even stranger, to start debugging the issue, I started using the latest debugger version, namely:


      10,3,181,34 (debugger)


      the application worked fine.


      I have tested on Mac and Windows for Safari, IE, Chrome and Firefox.  All have the same issue.


      I no longer know what to do here.  If this continues I am going to have to drop the flash platform for something more stable.  Please help!


      I am willing to give my code to anyone in Adobe Support to help resolve this issue.


      Note that I have patched the TLSSocket for a known race condition based on this post:




      I am wondering if this issue is re-appearing for flash player 10.3




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          jamesweir Level 1

          After more investigation, the socket policy server is never receiving a request when my application does a HTTPS request.

          It seems to work for some people and not for others on the same configuration.  It smells like a race condition to me.


          I really need help on this.  Can anyone from Adobe respond ?


          Even better, can Adobe start taking restful web services seriously and support PUT, DELETE and HEAD requests.