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    Horizontal scroll thumb to start in the middle?




      To centre the thumb on a horizontal scoll bar, to get it to start in the middle, I would have thought you set the following:

      - Max = 100

      - Min = 0

      - Value = 50


      But for some reason my scroll bars are starting from the far left. And any changes I make seem to make no difference.


      Anyone else have this trouble?


      I've tried the following as well:

      - Max = 1150 (no. of pixels width of my image that I am scolling)

      - Min = 0

      - Value = 550


      Although the thumb moves to the middle of the track in the artboard, within FC, but when I run the project or export it ... the thumb is at the 0 value (the far left)


      Am I doing something wrong?