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    copying ranges

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      Hi.  I'm fairly new to PP, coming from FCP.


      One way I've come to edit in FCP is to put all my selects into a sequence, and then copy ranges from that sequence to paste into a Master sequence.


      In FCP, I can define a range with an IN and OUT; set the track "AutoSelect", and copy from one sequence to paste into another. 


      The only way I've found to do this in PP is to use the Razor tool do separate the section I want to put in the long sequence before the Copy command is available.  IOW, I can't just set an IN and OUT, and use Copy.


      Is using the Razor tool, chopping up my "selects" sequence my only option?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You can just lasso the desired clips and Copy/Paste that way.

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            But, the clips are several minutes long, and I just want a few seconds.  Do I still need to Razor them, then Lasso?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8



              Or, the more traditional way, set your In/Out points with the clip loaded in the Source Monitor first, then add it to the sequence.

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                Jim Curtis Level 3

                Thanks, Jim.  I guess I can get used to using the Razor Tool, and Cut at CTI. 


                I've developed a style of editing that depends on culling or trimming my footage to only the usable bits, and then making all my selections from those cull sequences. 


                I don't bother organizing Bins most of the time.  I like to tag clips in the cull sequences with info or remarks about good takes, and have the ability to jump, find or locate those comments.  I haven't found a way to master this in Pr yet.  I have learned I can rename clips, but I'm a bit discouraged to learn that the Find function doesn't work on Timelines, as it does on FCP and MC.  


                I learned that if I put my cull sequence in the Source tab, and I insert or overwrite into a section into a new sequence, it places a sequence, not the original clip, into the Program tab sequence (as it does in MC).  That's not something I want to do either. 


                So, I'm just going to have to get adjusted to the way that Pr works, and figure out the most efficient way of using it.


                Thanks again,

                Jim C.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  Yep, that's true for a lot of folks making the switch.


                  Things may get done differently in PP, work flows may need to be adjusted a bit.  But between the native media handling, Mercury Playback Engine and Dynamic Link integration with After Effects and Encore, I think many editors will find the overall editing experience moves faster with PP.