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    Loop Playing multiple SWF Files


      I apologize in advance for what might be a fairly n00b question; I have several SWF files which are essentially little trivia files, provided to me by a 3rd party. They are individual files that number about 20. I am wondering, how can I play this as a list; like a playlist, and then loop back to restart?


      I'd like to do this in the stand alone player however it can only seem to load 1 file at a time.


      Can anyone guide me in how I might look to accomplish this looping playlist?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can load more than 1 file at a time.  if you're loading those swfs into a projector file, just load those swfs using a for loop and when they're all loaded (use a complete listener (as3) or onLoadInit (as2), start playing them.


          when each completes loading use a gotoAndStop(1) applied to the loaded swf so each is ready to play.  use a loop (eg, enterframe) to check when each swf completes playing so you start the next when appropriate.