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    RAM preview problem

    Rafal1911 Level 1

      There is something wrong with AE CS5.5 RAM preview, suddenly looks like CPU usage 99.9% and take ages to render 1 frame. Just went back to my old CS5 cause in CS5.5 could not work with it. In CS5 never had such problem.


      Win7 64.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Did After Effects CS5.5 ever work on this system? Is this problem only happening with a specific composition, or with all compositions? Is After Effects CS5 working fine on the same system? What are your Memory & Multiprocessing settings? Are you using OpenGL for rendering? Does a standard preview (when you press spacebar) work OK?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            By default, in CS5.5 the disk cache is turned on and points to your user directory. If that is on an SSD or you have some other issue with your harddrive, that might explain it. Look into that and yes, as Todd said, MP settings and so on might be relevant, too.



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              Rafal1911 Level 1

              MP setting were as I have in CS5 (which were fine).


              The problem was from the beginning. Simple 3D animation, the moment I use 32bpc and switched motion blur, RAM preview takes ages to render it. (in CS5 usually 3-4 sec). CPU usage was 99.99%. Looks like AE renderes 2-3 frames and freezed whole system, but when (after 1-2 minutes of waiting) I pressed SPACEBAR usually I can noticed that the RAM rendering was done in 30% (so in the background the rendering is working but "very slow" and uses lots of CPU).