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    Embedded videos in swf exports


      In Indesign, I'm creating print pdf and interactive swf versions of an annual report. Most of it looks great, but I'm having some trouble with the embedded video. It loads slowly and when you hit play, you just get a white screen while it waits to load the video and it looks like a mistake. I compressed this video as much as I could in the .f4v format but it's still 50MB, so I'm sure this is where the problem is. So two questions I guess: 1. Any way to make a load bar or a waiting message while the video loads (in Indesign, I don't know enough flash and every time I export to flash, it crashes anyhow), or 2. Any way to optimize the video so it loads faster? I've requested the client not submit 10 minute videos and try to keep everything down to 3 minutes, which would help somewhat...


      The sample design is here: