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    It Used to Work, But Now It Doesn't - Some Ideas

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      We often see posts, where a program worked a a prior time, but now does not.


      When something works one day, but not the next, then something has changed. The trick is to find out what has changed.


      Some thoughts to explore:


      • OS updates can render both video and audio drivers obsolete - go to the mfgr's. Web site and update both
      • Have you added any new software?
      • Have you added any new hardware?


      Those would be the first things that I would look into, and hope that one solves the mystery. The first often goes unnoticed by most users, as the default is to do the updates behind the scenes.


      If nothing works, make a System Restore Point for today, just in case you need to get back. Then, boot to Safe Mode and choose a System Restore Point, from when things DID work. Test extensively. You might need to go back even a bit further. That might give you a time frame, and then only your memory can help pinpoint what was changed. At worst, it will take a few minutes and a few reboots, but since you made a System Restore Point for today, you have lost nothing.


      Hope that this helps in the troubleshooting and good luck,