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    How to set boundaries / constraints on Group or Container?

    kidelectric Level 1

      I would like to know if there's a way to constrain a containing visual element (such as an HGroup or BorderContainer) such that, as elements are added to it, they automatically get pushed down if they run out of space (much like text-wrapping in a document file or this text editor I am writing in ... when you run out of space, the word is moved to the next line)


      Essentially, I'd like to be able to continuously addElement in a horizontal layout, such as in an HGroup, and when there is no more horizontal space, the next element will be added below. Is this possible? I've searched and searched, but it's hard to know what keywords or term I am even supposed to use to look for this.


      When I use an HBox and set a width (such as "450"), the elements I add show up until the edge of the HBox, and then simply get cut off (they do not continue outside of the width of the box, but also do not get pushed down below)... when I use an HGroup or BorderContainer, the elements just keep continuing even past the boundaries I have established for the size of the group/container.


      Any ideas? I know this has to be a common thing for people...




      -- Matt