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    Help with indesin web making



      I designed a website with indesign cs5 and want to put it on the web. I dont know what to do and need help1 i have DW by the way. Help is greatly appreciated.

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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Boy, did you choose the wrong tool. InDesign is about as far from a web design program as you can get. You will need to redo pretty much everything, although some or possibly all of your graphics can be reused.


          DreamWeaver is a much more appropriate program for building a website, since that is its one and only purpose. You can import artwork as a template in DreamWeaver and use that as a guide to recreate the website. I think you can import a PDF, so export the InDesign file as a PDF and use those pages for your templates. If PDF won’t work the export as JPEG instead.


          You can get more appropriate help with DreamWeaver in the DreamWeaver forum.

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            adamsteinbrecher Level 1

            That sucks. But i have no idea how to use dremweaer. Do i have to no how to type code??? Are there any tutorials on it i can look for???

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              If you want to create a website, yes, you need to know HTML and CSS and it's imperative that you learn those before you try to learn Dreamweaver.


              That said, there are plenty of web design programs out there that can get you a simple site with the code. You can look into those if you want.