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    video performance is very bad


      We implemented the simpliest test application with Cirrus. One user sends video stream another one receives this video stream.
      Parameters of camera are very modest:

      resolution 160x120
      key frame interval 2
      camera quality 85
      fps 15
      bandwith 1mbit

      The delay of video 2-3 seconds. Not synchronized with sound. Users are in the same city. What's wrong? Are there the specific requirements for hardware, network? Are there some undocumented settings for cirrus p2p network?

      if user sends both audio and video streams the spectator sees it with 2-3 seconds delay. Without audio stream, there is not a delay with video at all.

      codec SPEEX
      encodeQuality 4
      setLoopBack false
      setUseEchoSuppression true
      setSilenceLevel 5
      DC` GJRF