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    Capturing Troubles with Premiere Pro CS5.5




      I am fairly new to Premiere and I'm having a little trouble with the capturing option.


      I have Premiere Pro CS5.5, a MacBook Pro (13 inch), a Sony HDR-CX 110 camera connected to the MacBook with an HDMI cable and a HDMI displayport adapter.


      I think I have everything I need to get it connected but it seems that whenever I select capture the window that pops up tells me that my device is offline.Adobe PP picture.png


      I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro. I bought it in August of 2010. I have a Sony HDR-CX 110 camera. I have it hooked up to a HDMI Displayport adapter via a HDMI cable and the camera is plugged into the wall and turned on playback mode. I know the displayport works because I have a dual monitor set up and the adapter works because I have connected my TV to my Mac so there should be nothing wrong with the adapters and ports. But for some reason the camera doesn't appear to show up whenever I try to do this capturing option.


      The camera's box does say "compatible with iMovie" and I have been able to import footage I collected without the camera plugged in to the computer, such as a guitar performance and an interview. That process was pretty simple and was connected to my computer via a USB.


      Now, I think that maybe I'm just trying to do something more advanced with the camera and the camera can't do it. But if I am wrong (and I hope I am) I don't where to go from here? Any help would be so greatly appreciated!


      Thank you =)