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    Creating new project - FLEX & CF

    toby007aust Level 1

      Hi there


      I am in the process of creating a new project in Flash Builder 4.


      I have given the following information


      Project Name - SBMS


      Application  - Web - runs in Adobe Flash Player


      Use default SDK (Flex 4)


      Server Technology


      Application server type: ColdFusion


      Use remote object access


      Then selecting  - ColdFusion Flash Remoting


      Note:  The computer I am creating this project on is running Apache and ColdFusion 9 (Standard)

      Apache is running in the following location:

      c:\Program Files\Apache\

      c:\Program Files\Apache\htdocs\CFIDE




      Server location - should I select Standalone or Deploy to J2EE Server


      Use default location for local ColdFusion Server is currently checked (but option below is greyed out


      Use built in CF web server is not checked but the web root is currently showing as:


      Web Root: c:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\WEB-INF

      Root URL:


      Compiled flex application location


      Output folder




      Its the first time I'm trying to do this so any feedback would be greatly appreciated