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    Downloading files from HTML window

    Mr. Matthew McDougall

      Hey Guys,


      You will have to excuse me here - I am very much an AIR/Flex n00b.


      I manage the network for a small company who uses a web based client for the billing & accounts as well as basic client management.  I wanted to get them away from using the browser all the time (60 users all running IE concurrently makes servers unhappy...) and just use an AIR app.  At the moment, I just have the HTML component in a window, but before I started making it pretty and useful, I decided to test it out.  I have noticed that files will not download.  As the staff are constantly downloading and then emailing PDF invoices generated by the software, I really need this to work.  I obviously can't edit the code in the webapp myself, so is there any way I can enable file downloading in AIR?  I don't really mind if the files are just deposited in a folder or the user is prompted somehow - anything that works.


      EDIT: Another thought - the software downloads the PDF's from http://app009.internal/(dir)/invoicepdf.php?=(inv #), so even a box somewhere that allows users to type in the invoice number and then it substitutes it into the link and starts the download would be great.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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