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    Cue point doesn't work

    Jhon Carlo Level 1

      I need to insert cue points and export them to flash video format (. Flv) for which I created a video player.
      Operations done:
      1) I imported a video file;
      2) I have applied the marker (*) with the numeric keypad, or with mouse;
      3) I swapped the various possibilities "event" "navigation" and unnamed;
      4) I did the rendering;


      Currently when I open the file. Flv flash, with my exe player make with flash, it does not read the cue points.
      What is strange that I had created a while ago. Flv file that my player still reads with cue points right. I had made with the trial version of csc5.5 now I bought and installed my owner version.
      What I'm doing wrong?