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    Creating 5.1 surround sound out of stereo audio



      I'm new to surround sound editing, so for the past few weeks I've been searching through internet how to create suround sound for my movie. I have a whole movie already done in Premiere Pro 5 (every scene in it's own squence). In these sequences I have stereo audio clips that  create a complete stereo sound, but since this movie is going to go on film festivals I have to create surround sound.


      Through my reasearch I came across many explanations of how to create it, but the more I read the more it confused me so I decidet to ask for help on this forum.

      1. Is it posible to create surroundsound directly out of stereo audio (I know that the sequences that you are working in has to be set to surround sound) that I have in first, second and third chanel, that have  surround sound controls above them in Audio mixer?


      2. I know that  in 5.1 chanels you can only inport 5.1 surround sound tracks. My question is, do I have to take each stereo clip, transform it in mono clip and then create a stereo clip out of that mono clip?


      3. Did I completly miss the whole concept of creating surround sound and that I would have to do it diferently?


      Thanks for helping out, Jaggarjack

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The process of creating a 5.1 mix out of a stereo source is called upmixing.  (Just like the reverse is called downmixing.)  You will need third-party upmixing software to do the job properly.  PP isn't capable of creating a proper 5.1 mix out of a stereo source.


          I know DTS makes such software.  Dolby may as well.  Root around with Google for 'upmixing', see what turns up.

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            jaggarjack Level 1

            Oh, thanks I didnt know that. Is it posible to do it in Adobe Audition or Soundbooth? Becouse I did try creating mono out of stereo and then surround, but is that the correct way and is there any other?

            I'm asking becouse I already have all sounds where they should be, but I'm not shure how should I export them so I could make them into 5.1 surround in third-party program without exporting the wrong ones together (becouse some should go from one speaker to another but the others would just stay on the front speakers). 

            What is the purpouse of the surround sound controls that are in PP? only for re-editing surround sound clips?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              To output to DD 5.1 SS, you will need an Encoder, like the Minnetonka Audio SurCode DD5.1 SS plug-in.


              You can also use Audition (do not know about SB) to create 6-channel files (usually WMA w/ either 5, or 6 discrete channels, depending on how you handle the LFE). Still, to use such a set of files with Audio-Visual material, you will need an Encoder. Minnetonka Audio has others, like the SurCode DD 5.1 SS stand-alone and the DTS stand-alone.


              If you have disassembled the original audio streams into mono sources, you can create faux 5.1 SS, and with a little work, it can be quite convincing. The 5.1 controls in a 5.1 Master Project, can be very useful for "creating" your sound stage. You can also use those to feed certain frequencies from other sources to the LFE, and to the Center channel. With good stereo in the Front speakers, you should already have a decent phantom Center, and can punch that up even more.


              I would recommend starting with the Help File for "Surrond Sound," to get the basics down, plus the mechanics in PrPro. HERE is a little sample. You might also want to see the links in this PrPro-Wiki Search for more material.


              The Recording Academy's Producers & Engineers' Recommendations for Surround Sound Production is useful paper.


              I recommend three books:


              Surround Sound, Second Edition: Up and Running, Tomlinson Holman (cannot find my copy for ISBN)

              Instant Surround Sound, Jeffery Fisher, CMP Books ISBN 1-57820-246-9

              Basics of Video Sound, Des Lyver, Focal Press ISBN 0-240-51561-7


              That would be a good start.


              Happy reading, and up-mixing,



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