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    Learning either Flex or ajax to create a searchable database


      Greetings Flex forum,


      I've just created a site for my small property rental company and am ready to make it more sophisticated. Currently, I have a form on the site which has about 20 fields of criteria - bedrooms, baths, price range, area, amenities, etc - to begin a property search. Once the form is submitted, I receive an e-mail and then I perform a search on a 3rd party data base and then I e-mail the results to the new client.

      Since there are only about 1,000 options in my market, I'd like to have my own searchable data base on my site which will automatically send the results to the client. I am trying to determine the magnitude of this project and which direction to go - ajax or flex. I'm heavily leaning toward flex, mostly becasue of the community.

      Is Flex suited for this kind of a project? Also, is it nescessary to have dreamweaver to upload my completed project to my site or are there other ways to do it with Flex?


      Many thanks in advance.