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    Problem validating InDesign output in ThreePress


      My InDesign output to ePub looks great. However, when I try to validate the ePUB using ThreePressConsulting's validator, I get a the same error message:

      "OEBPS/fonts/ArialMT.otf cannot be decrypted ". It doesn't matter what font I use, I get the same error - Century, Cambria, Century SchoolBook, etc.


      I"ve even tried validing just one word in the ePUB format. I still get the error. I'm unclear if the problem is with InDesign, ePUB or ThreePressConsulting's validator.


      Has anybody else had this problem?

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          I've just completed an eBook and went ran ePubcheck locally, in Terminal, on my Mac, and have a stack of similar errors.


          However, after looking at this thread on the mobileread forum it appears that the Adobe file should run just fine on most mobile readers, despite the errors thrown up by ePubcheck. One commenter in that thread even takes the validator to task. I'm still learning how to craft these files so that's really all the "help" I'm able to provide at the moment.


          Perhaps one of the real ePub pros could lend some insight.