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    Lost Recent items list in FW

    Pacuk Level 1

      I successfully upgraded FW to some time ago (when I upgraded  CS5 to CS5.5), but I've been experiencing a couple strange behaviors  ever since.  I'm on a pc using Vista.


      (1) FW  now requires admin permission whenever I launch it.  No other program in the suite does that.  It's an annoyance that I can live with, but would rather not have to click CONTINUE every time.  I tried setting the program to run as Administrator, but it made no difference.


      (2) The most annoying issue is that 'Open a Recent item' list is empty every time.  Oh it retains my list if i don't shut off my computer.  But if I do shut down my computer, FW's recent item list is empty at the next launch.  I used to use this feature a lot for picking up where I left off the day before.  Now I have to not only search for the document, but also seek the drive and folder since that information is not retained either.


      Is there a solution to either of these problems?  Maybe they are related.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.