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    performance optimization movies

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

      Here are some brief movies that I  made to introduce people to the basics of optimizing for performance in  both After Effects and Premiere Pro:



      Since a lot of the frequently asked questions around here are about performance, I thought that these might come in handy.


      I'll  be adding links to some of these movies to the FAQ entries for this  forum, as well as to the Premiere Pro equivalent to the "Improving performance" page for After Effects that I'm working on.


      I  deliberately didn't go into the details of specific hardware devices  (e.g., Quadro 4000 vs GTX 470), since many such details would be out of  date between the time of recording and the time of the videos' release. I  tried, instead, to give people the general ideas that they need to  understand what it takes to make things faster. I did, of course, cover  the details of the applications themselves that relate to performance.