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    VideoPlayer shows, VideoDisplay Doesn't FB 4.5.1 Mobile

    StardusterII Level 1

      I'm trying to get the VideoDisplay to work in FB 4.5.1 for mobile (Android) but it won't display when run in the debugger!  I can change it to VideoPlayer and it shows.  Here is the relevant parts of the code:


      <s:VideoDisplay id="videoInstructor" visible="true" width="320" height="240" />


      videoInstructor.visible = true;
      videoInstructor.source = rtmpPath + "/" + rtmpSession;

      But, whether I use VideoDisplay or VideoPlayer, neither play the stream.  I checked the rtmpPath and rtmpStream and they are correct.  I can also validate that the stream is actually playing with another application that plays the audio/video.  What am I doing wrong?