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    Flash8 Exporting movie to avi


      Hi I have created a movie in flash8 and when testing it as a swf file everything is fine, however when I expoxed the movie to avi format the sound secuence does not run at the same time as the movie, in other words the sound is running slower than the movie?


      I have the frame rate set at 12.0 fps and have tried exporting in different formates. As an example one formate I have used is Microsoft MPEG4 and changed the frame rate in the settings to match as 12.0 fps but the sound is always running slower behind the movie?


      Any help would be appreciated how to correct the setting?




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          Lon Winters Level 4

          It's the movie that runs at a different rate than the sound. There is no real syncing of audio in Fashion, the best you can do is shot event should, but the longer the movie the more out of sync the audio becomes. If it's video you want as the final product, dump the sound from flash, and import you avi and audio clips into a video editor. There you can line up the audio precisely.

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            adninjastrator Level 4

            It is generally not adviced to embed the sound directly in the timeline... is that what you did?

            Review "event" sound:


            and "stream":



            So while it's generally a problem to sync the sound to the animation, I usually get around that by syncing the animation to the sound. Or in the case of directly embedding a .flv in the timeline, setting the framerate to exactly match that of the original video.. say 29.97fps for example.

            This matches frame rate of the video directly to that of the audio... so the audio stays in sync.

            When exporting to .avi, you are exporting frame for frame. To keep the audio and video in sync, the video (or animation) must match exactly the frame rate of the audio. If you were to force the audio to play faster than it's original speed (at a higher frame per sec rate)... the audio frequency would raise... giving the sound of chipmonks..high, squeeky. If you tried to drag out the audio over a greater number of frames than the original, the audio frequency would drop, resulting in sslllooowww, sssllluuurrreddd, audio.

            So while you can speed up or slow down video (or animations) with no bad effects, there is only one frequency (frames per second) that matches the original audio. To find the exact frame rate of an audio file, create a completely new Flash doc, import the audio file directly into the main timeline and see how many frames it takes. Then match the animation to the audio... not the other way around.

            Best of luck,


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              ghiadobe Level 1

              Hi, thanks for your reply, however I did create the movie to the sound (syncing the animation to the sound) but over 450 frame the audio runs out of sync half way through when exported to avi. The audio is voice reading the text per frame on the movie so I need to get it right.


              You say "embedding a .flv in the timeline" how is this done, is it just a process of importing the flv in to the timeline or on the stage/library?  I suppose I need to convert the fla to a flv is this correct? If so is there a free converting software you can recommend?


              I find it difficult to understand that if the swf file runs in sync when exported why the avi when exported doesn't as well, surely Adobe should fix this as the software is not cheap to purchase?


              I will be looking at the links you suggested.




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                ghiadobe Level 1

                Hi, thanks for your reply, I think this could be the solution by dumping the soung from the flash file then adding it in a video edditor.




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                  Lon Winters Level 4

                  The reason is falls out of sync is because it is never syncing in the first place. Mapping the animation to the embedded audio is just an approximation. The audio will always playback at a consistent rate, but the SWF doesn't. It can vary from computer to computer even, hoe long it take an SWF to play, due to processor speeds, etc. And ther is nothing in flash to lock the audio to the animation. In a video editor, the audio track is locked and synced to the video track using timecode. So if something happens during video playback, such as dropped frames, the encoded timecode will compensate and keep the audio in sync.  I did a small flash project a while ago, it was basically just a slideshow that ran a couple of minutes with some background music. The length of the music wasn't long enough for the entire slide shoe so it had to be repeated. So when I was testing it locally, the slideshow was on a certain picture at the point where the music ended. After I uploaded it to the web, the slideshow actually ran slower and  the music ended a few pictures sooner. And when testing on other computers, this point was different in each case.

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                    ghiadobe Level 1

                    sounds like some techi needs to find a solution as we are in 2011 dont you think?