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    Please help! Suddenly my text wrap won't work.


      I have CS4, Version 6.0.6. I've used it for almost 2 years, know enough to do my "magazine" but am not a "sophisticated" user.


      I imported a Word document, then 4 photos around which I need to wrap the text. I've done this literally hundreds of times. Initially, the first two photos were wrapped, but then the wrap stopped working ... the text continued underneath the photo. I have deleted both photos and text, exited InDesign and started it again ... and nothing works. Now I can't get text wrap to work at all. What have I messed up?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It's tough to say without some visuals whether it's something your are or are not doing, or if it's a problem with the file or program.


          First, can you make a new file, then fill a frame  with placeholder text. Now add another frame of any sort, open the Text wrap panel, and apply wrap. Does the wrap work when you move that frame into the text area? If it does, then either the other file has a problem or you are doing something incorrectly. If the wrap doesn't work in the new file either, see Replace Your Preferences


          Please come back with more details of what you are doing and the stacking order of  the objects. It might be important which one is on top (there's a prefernce for that). It also matters if you have "Ignore Text Wrap" checked off in the thext frame options, and of course it would be a good idea to verify that you've really applied wrap to the photos.

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            jolovell-RI Level 1

            Thanks for getting back to me. When I arranged items so the text was in the background and the photos were on top, I had no problem getting the text wrap to work. I found the option under preference and unchecked the preference "text wrap only affects text beneath." So now everything works.


            I am puzzled, however, because I always had that text wrap option checked and never had a problem before and never had to arrange text and photos.


            Thanks for your help.