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    Please clear instructions for getting camera raw working for CS5 (PC)

    Adrienne-R Level 1

      I've worked for 2+ hours with a support person online and read through camera raw instructions in this forum and have re-installed CS5, downloaded and installed the camera raw plug-in multiple times and just run out of options.  I see in the this forum that there are discussions about getting the files in the right place, but I cannot even tell which file names to check on whether things are in the wrong places. 


      Is there someone who can just list what files should be where so that camera raw will appear as a format in Photoshop and Bridge?  I am running Windows 7 64-bit.  When I try to open a file in camera raw format in Photoshop that format does not appear, and when I try to open in Bridge that option is there but greyed out.  I am entirely stuck and the support person gave up saying that if the downloaded plug-in would not fix the problem then he doesn't know what to check or do.  I suspect the files may be in the wrong place, or maybe there are duplicates (one comment in the forum mentions this as a possible problem). 


      Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.