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    My video went green?




      I had previously posted this problem but didn't come up with a solution so I thought I would post it again with more detail and see if anyone has a suggestion. I am using Premiere Elements 9 and am having a problem with my AVCHD footage turning to a pure green screen within my project. I can still hear the audio but the video comes and goes. Sometimes videos will be green during a transition and then return to normal and others are green from beginning to end. I have downloaded the premiere elements updates, windows updates and quicktime too.


      I am running on a Toshiba L650 laptop. It is an I5, 2.67ghz, 2 cores, 4GB of ram, running windows 7 64bit, 640 GB hard drive, Intel HD graphic card. Premiere Elements does give me a warning every now and then telling me to update my graphic driver since my computer is currently using a generic one but I have been on both the Toshiba and Intel website....Intel says to get the driver from Toshiba and Toshiba says I have the most up to date driver available.


      My project so far is about 75% still images which I have scaled down in size as per recommendations on the forum and 25% AVCHD video shot with my Canon Vixia HF R100 and all of my footage has been shot in 1440x1080.


      I have tried 2 different project settings and have had different problems with both. I first set it up as 720x480 and had problems with the video going green. I then tried setting it up as 1920x1080 and had problems with the program crashing.


      1. How should my project be set up if my video was shot in 1440x1080?

      2. If I have to start a new project is there any easy way to get all of the work I have already done into them?

      3. Is my laptop powerful enough to be running this program effectively?

      4. I have read in forums that AVCHD can be hard to deal with....can I convert it and then bring it into my project to save some headaches?


      I would really appreciate any help available.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, Toshiba doesn't make your video driver. Virtually all video cards are produced by ATI or nVidia, and you should get the most up to date drivers from them. The FAQs to the right of this forum offer more information.



          Of course, it is possible that your computer doesn't even have a graphics card. In this case, your computer is using an Intel Graphics Accelerator -- which can be updated from the Intel web site.


          The AVCHD settings you should use for your project depends on your camcorder's specs. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. And it is important you select the correct settings or you'll have problems.


          In your case, your camcorder shoots in a number of formats. If you plan to edit in Premiere Elements, you should always shoot your video in FXP mode. If you do, you should choose the AVCHD 1920x1080 Stereo project settings.


          That said, an i5 laptop is probably a little underpowered for editing AVCHD footage of any kind. (Laptops are built for portability, not speed.) You may be able to do it, but your work is likely going to be sluggish and you'll need to render often. (Like whenever you see red lines above the clips on your timeline.)


          In version 9, one advantage of using the correct project specs is that you won't see any red lines above the clips on your timeline until you add effects or transitions to it.


          There is technically no way to change your project settings for any work in progress. However, some people have found that, if they buy the program ClipMate, they can cut video and seqences from one project and paste it into another.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            BTW, with the photos, did you follow our advice and work on your slideshow in short segments of no more than 10-15 slides per segment?


            You can then use Share/Computer/MPEG 1920x1080 to output these segments as video and import that video into your camcorder project.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I have a few things for you to try:


              1. With regard to your display card messages and green displays....With the program closed, delete the BadDrivers.txt file found in the Windows 7 path:

              Local C Driver\Program Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements\9.0. Then re-open the program and determine if the problems persist.


              2. With regard to project preset....the Premiere Elements project preset should match the properties of your source media so that the program sets up the correct space (template) in the Edit Mode Monitor from which to edit. The setting of the project preset does not prohibit you from selecting a different type of export. If you are presently recording AVCHD 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9, using your Canon HF R100 "Flash Memory Camcorder", you should be using:

              a. NTSC AVCHD HD1080i30 (and if necessary right clicking the video on the Timeline, selecting Field Options/Reverse Field Dominance)


              b. NTSC Hard Disk Flash Memory Camcorders HD 1080i30 (60i)...(a special preset to deal with Fields issues when video is recorded from a hard disk or flash memory camcorder) Do not apply Field Options yourself.

              c, The PAL counterparts of the above if you are in a PAL region.


              3. If your computer resources do not support a Premiere Elements AVCHD project (1920 x 1080 16:9 square pixels OR 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9), you might consider converting your .mts file to 1280 x 720 MPEG2 HD with the free Koyote Soft HD Converter version 1.7


              The converter accepts only those files with the file extension of .mts or .m2ts. I have assumed that your file has a file extension of .mts. The conversion will give you a file with a .mpg file extension.

              How much available RAM and free hard drive space does your computer have while running Premiere Elements? Where are the scratch discs directed and how much free space is at that location?


              4.You do not have to use ClipMate for copying/pasting of contents from one project to another (in case where you want to change project settings after you have set them in a project). You can change the project settings by saving the project.prel file, opening the saved project.prel file in WordPad, and editing the WordPad document for the project.prel file. It works. I have been there and done that.


              5. So far I have looked at the problems that you presented in terms of the video. Exactly what are the pixel dimensions of the photos that you are bringing to the Timeline of a AVCHD 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9 project? How many photos? And, back tracking, what is the total length of the Timeline (photos plus videos)?



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                In this case, it appears that the graphics chip is an embedded Intel, and probably with shared system RAM.


                The two potential problems that I see are that historically, Toshiba has written proprietary video drivers, whether the chip mfgr. was nVidia, ATI or Intel. Do not know if that is still true. Second, driver support from Intel is almost non-existant, in that they will furnish a driver for the chip upon installation, but seldom beyond that. While Intel chips are good, in their own right, that lack of driver support forces me to recommend against them.


                As a bit of background on the first potential problem, I had a Toshiba Satellite (two friends has similar, with the exact same issues), with an nVidia chip. Though nVidia released dozens of new drivers for that chip/card, none would work, because of the way that Toshiba tweaked the driver. Over the years, Toshiba never released a new driver, though there were many dozens of new ones, from nVidia - none would install, however. I had to customize nVidia drivers, and basically re-package them, so that the Toshiba would "think" that I had a new Toshiba driver. Not long ago, in research for another thread, I checked on the Toshiba site, and the only driver for that old Satellite was the still the same one, that shipped with it - almost 10 years later! In that time, nVidia had probably updated the driver over 100 times.


                With the Intel chip, given the lack of traditional driver support, and then Toshiba's historic performance with no driver updates, I doubt that this issue can be resolved in a satisfactory fashion. Were the chip either nVidia, or ATI, I still have a link for the Web site that allowed me to repackage the nVidia drivers to install on my Toshiba, but if there is no new Intel driver, then there is no sense in doing that - nothing to update.


                Sorry for the bad news,




                PS - the total lack of support, and not just regarding the video driver, is why I would never consider another Toshiba, though it was otherwise a good laptop, and had top-of-the-line specs., when released. Support is far too important. Hope that they have gotten their act together over the last decade, as they did build a good laptop. However, it was like having a good auto, but one for which you could never get any service, and even if you could DIY, could never get a new oil filter, an air filter, or any other parts. One's love of that auto would fade over time.

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                  mgenn Level 1

                  Hello Hunt,


                  It figures that I bought another flawed laptop (the no support issue). My last one was a pretty expensive HP paviliion entertainment laptop that died after 3 years due to a chip overheating and frying the motherboard....which is why I did not buy another HP. I guess it was a common problem that HP decided to ignore.


                  I found in one of the forums Steve recommended a program called Device Doctor that would search for outdated drivers. I used that and it found an update for my driver from Intel and successfully installed it. I just did it last night but so far everything seems to be working fine so I hope it is ok. I was so nervous I was going to mess up my new computer.


                  So my driver is all up to date and seems to be working well. It didn't fix my green screen problem but I think that is from having set the file up incorrectly which I am now looking for ways to fix.


                  Thanks for your help:)

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Great news!


                    Let us hope that Intel (and Toshiba in this case), can get their acts together and begin to update video drivers on a regular schedule. Once, Matrox was known for great business and graphic design video cards, but ridiculed for a total lack of driver support. Over time, they changed that, and became much, much better, though still way behind nVidia and ATI/AMD. Leopards CAN change their spots...


                    As for overheating, that is an issue with most laptops, as there is just no room for more vents and efficient fans. I have a Sager w/ 3 HDD's, and always run it on a multi-fan cooler pad, plus run SpeedFan to automatically run all fans most efficiently. Now, most laptops will run a bit cooler, as they seldom have the 3 HDD's, generating a lot of heat. Still, laptops never run as cool, as they should, or as a similar desktop w/ big case, filled with fans, will. Still, there should have been thermal protections, to keep anything from frying. That is not good, and I understand how you feel about a laptop that "goes up in flames!"


                    Good luck, and happy editing,



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                      mgenn Level 1

                      Hello ATR,


                      Thank you for your reply.


                      1. Deleting the baddriver file I have done already thank you.

                      2. My project was set up incorrectly and changing it to NTSC AVCHD HD1080i30 got rid of the green screen and it does not seem to be crashing either:)

                      3. Thank you for letting me know how to convert the AVCHD. I will look into that if my project seems to have issues again.

                      4. I took Steve's advice and downloaded ClipMate to give it a try. It worked well and saved me tons of time but all of my titles need to be redone as the fonts all seem to have shrunk and are not alligned where I have placed them and I had the same problem with the clipart.I did look into what you had suggested with wordpad but the file was a little intimidating. My old green screen project was started as a 720x480. Would you just do an edit replace of 720,480 with 1440,1080 or is it more complicated then that?

                      5. The pictures I have are 1000x750 which I had scaled down but I am guessing I probably should have went even smaller. I currently have about 110 pictures and 6 video clips ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute long plus 3 mp3's. It is currently running at about 12 minutes and I still have lots to add. I currently have pictures for 3 songs and I have another 3 songs and pictures to go with it to add. I am guessing I will be doubling the size of what I currently have by the time I am done.


                      I know that my answer to number 5 is probably going to be an issue as I am guessing this is a rather large project. Steve has recommended some suggestions that I am going to look into if you would like to read my reply to his post. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make my large project work successfully. The last thing I want is to get to the end of this thing and not be able to burn it onto a DVD.


                      Thank you,


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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Is your ultimate plan to burn it to a DVD (rather than a BluRay disc)?


                        That's an important detail. And knowing it could save us a lot of time and effort, but it changes your whole workflow.

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                          mgenn Level 1

                          Hello Steve,


                          I think my driver problem has been taken care of and I have changed my project setting to NTSC AVCHD HD1080i30 which seems to have fixed the green video and from what I can see so far the crashing problem too although it was late last night and I really didn't get into it too much to be sure yet. The video now has neither green or red lines above it which is good I believe. The still pictures come in with red above them but as you mentioned I will just render often as I am hoping still pictures are not as much to worry about as the AVCHD video for causing problems.


                          I downloaded ClipMate and that was a much easier then starting all over again thank you. It looks like I am going to have to go back and correct all of my titles and clipart as the fonts sizes are not longer large enough and they are not aligned how I had them. I guess that is just something that happens because I set them up for 720 instead of 1080? It still saved me a ton of work though so thank you!


                          **I did not see the advice about making videos out of my slideshow segments. I will definitely do that since I think this is going to be a large project and I don't need it messing up on me in the end when I am trying to burn my DVD's. As I mentioned in my reply to ATR my project is currently made up of 110 still pictures and 6 video clips running from 15 seconds to 1 minute plus 3 mp3's which is running about 12 minutes long. I am thinking by the time I am done the project it will be double that which I am guessing is a large project.


                          So, regarding the slideshow segments.....could I not make each song it's own video to bring in? or should I do 10-15 slides as you suggested? If I do the 10-15 slides I am guessing I just make a video of just the pictures and leave the background music out of it. Everything seems to be running ok (for now) but I will take any recommendations that you may have to keep my project running smoothly.


                          Thank you,


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                            mgenn Level 1

                            The plan is to burn to DVD....not looking forward to changing my workflo.....but now is the time if I am going to make changes:)

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              It's up to you -- but I think, if you do what I recommend, you'll find things will go a heck of a lot smoother and faster.


                              First, take your AVCHD footage in your AVCHD project, place it on the timeline and use Share/Computer/AVI with the DV preset to output all of it as DV-AVIs.


                              Then open a new project and, for its settings, select DV widescreen. Import (using Get Media/From Files and Folders) the DV-AVIs you've just created into it.


                              Now use Photoshop Elements to batch resize all of your photos to 1000x750 pixels. Import them also into your project.


                              You're now working in standard definition DV, so you're going to find your computer will work a heck of a lot faster and smoother. Now you can combine your video and photos, add your titles, music or whatever. Render (press Enter) whenever you see red lines above the clips on your timeline and things should go smoothly.


                              Then use Share/To Disc to output your DVD.


                              You can do all of this in hi-def, but it's going to put about four times the burden on your system and take four times as long to output your DVD. And, in the end, it might not even produce as clean a DVD as you'd get from my method.


                              But, since you're building a DVD anyway (which is standard definition video), you might as well use the most efficient workflow to do it.

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                                mgenn Level 1

                                Hi again Steve,


                                Thank you for your help and I will take your advice and change my format to SD as you obviously know this program better then me and I do not need the headaches.


                                So I set it up just as you suggested and I copied my other project into it using ClipMate and have come across a new problem.....the picture quality has changed. I know that I went from HD to SD but I should not be able to see the difference on my computer should I? I have compared the exact same still pictures in both of my project versions and there is a definite difference. In the SD version it looks like some of the edges are squared off if that makes any sense? I can most easily see the difference when looking at the frames of my glasses in the pictures. I don't know how to describe it so hopefully you know what I am talking about.


                                I did scale down the pictures in PE to 1000x750 and that was done in both my SD and HD project as well so I don't think that is the issue. I wondered if it had something to do with the ClipMate and cutting and pasting so I added a picture from the organizer (instead of just looking at what I cut and pasted in) and the quality was still bad. Is my project maybe set up correctly for my video but not my still pictures now or could this be something else?


                                Thank you,


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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                  Exactly how are you judging the quality?


                                  Remember, DVD (SD) is about 1/4 of the resolution of HD, and is designed to display on an SD CRT TV. SD will never compare to HD, on an HD display device - just will never happen.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    mgenn Level 1

                                    Hi Hunt,


                                    Thank you for the response. I am judging the quality as from what I can see on my computer during playback. I have rendered the whole project and the line is green all the way across. I have compared the image in my timeline to the image in the windows photo gallery (as I don't really use the elements organizer) and there is a significant reduction in quality....it looks choppier and the transitions do not seem as smooth either. As I mentioned, this same picture in my HD version of the project looks fine. Is this normal?


                                    Thanks for your help,


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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      There are some considerations, when going from HD to SD:


                                      The resolution of HD is ~ 4x higher than SD by definition - basically 1920 x 1080 vs 720 x 480

                                      SD footage, such as with a DVD, was designed for older CRT TV sets, which were 720 x 480 for NTSC, and looks good there

                                      When viewing on a computer, SD material will be a lower resolution than most modern computer screens, and will be Interlaced (for the TV), while the computer monitor is displaying Progressive.


                                      For SD broadcast, one would output the Timeline to a calibrated NTSC (or PAL) CRT monitor, and not use the computer's monitor, but as a preview. With HD material, the computer monitor is closer, but one would still use a calibrated HD monitor. For most non-professional editors, the ultimate test of quality would be to burn a DVD and display it on a CRT TV.


                                      Now, with most newer DVD players, and even more BD players, there are up-rezzing chips in the players, that improve the DVD, when displayed on an HD TV. Those chips are dedicated, and do nothing but the up-rezzing, and do any amazing job. I have been impressed at how good my DVD's look on my large HD TV's, when played through one of my up-rezzing players. They do NOT look as good as BD (remember, they are 1/4 the resolution), but they look far better than when they were played on an older player attached to a CRT TV (I finally got rid of my last one, though still have my calibrated NTSC CRT monitor for testing).


                                      In general, think of HD material being 4x better, than SD material. It's hard to "calibrate" one's mind to that, but are you seeing a difference, that you think is greater than 4x?


                                      Good luck,



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                                        mgenn Level 1

                                        So what I see on my computer screen is not what it will look like on my tv? It will not be HD....but it will look better then on my computer. I will burn it to DVD and watch it on my BD player and see how it looks. Thanks again for your help and hopefully I am all set to finish this project now:)

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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                          Yes, if your BD player has up-rezzing (several different names for this, like up-sampling, etc.), then is played to an HD TV, the quality will be better, but still not HD.


                                          I will usually do a series of tests, when I am doing work for a client. My first test is to Burn to Folder, and test that on my computer, taking into consideration the differences between SD and my computer's monitor. Then, I will burn an RW DVD (for testing ONLY), and play that in several computer multi-drives, and in several DVD and BD players, starting with a bargain-basement DVD player (no up-rezzing at all), onto an older TV (this one WAS my last CRT TV), up to my esoteric, very high-end up-rezzing BD player on a 60" HD TV. If that RW DVD plays well, then I burn a non-RW disc for the client, knowing that it should play well on almost any gear that they have. The differences between the quality on that old DVD player, and the big HD TV through the high-end BD player, are amazing. They are NEVER as good as full HD onto a BD, but then remember, they are 1/4 of the resolution to begin with, and those up-rezzing chips can work only so much magic.


                                          Good luck, and do not hesitate to test on several players. Also, do not use RW media for delivery. They are for testing ONLY.



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                                            mgenn Level 1

                                            Thank you again Hunt. I did burn what I had so far to DVD and view it on my BD player and I couldn't be happier. I will try a couple of other formats too to be sure it still looks good as you suggested.


                                            So now I am going to be move on with my project and hopefully I will be done with the technical questions. Hopefully it will just be fun stuff from here:)


                                            Thank you to everyone for your help!!!

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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              You are most welcome.


                                              Good luck, and happy editing. If you have any questions, please drop back, and post with the details.