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    How can I cancel the text-link in pdf




      I want to knwon how can I cancel the text-link in pdf forever.

      In a pdf , If there is a text like "http://www.adobe.com" ,even it's not a hyperlink,and there is not any action on the text,but it can be clicked.

      I have read the "Document management — Portable document format — Part 1:PDF 1.7", I find nothing about this text-link, Is this  a function of adobe reader ,or  is it required by the PDF format.


      I konw adobe reader could turn off the function of text url Identification, then it can not to be clicked ,but what I want to do is cancel the text-link in pdf  ,so that  whatever is the "text url identification " turned off or turned on , the text can never be clicked.


      so,is anybody knwon ,if there is any way to cancel the text-link, to forbiden the text url to be cliecked forever ?

      and I also want to knwon if is it required by the PDF format that the text url without any action (not a hyperlink )can be clicked?


      grateful for any help


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          CtDave Level 5

          "Create links from URLs" is a user controlled setting in Preferences (the General Category).
          If the individual user leaves this entry unticked then Reader / Acrobat will not provide an "on the fly" link to a text string starting with http or www.
          So, unless there is a link annotation placed over the text string, a "click" does nothing.


          The feature is an added value item Adobe provides with Adobe Reader and Acrobat.
          Other producers of PDF agents may also provide the feature.
          Regardless, having or not having this particular feature has no correlation to a PDF producer / consumer agent's compliance to ISO 32000-1.


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