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    startup hangs on "Loading ExporterQuickTimeHost.prm"

    federatedfilms Level 1

      A bit of Background - It's been a week now since I got my Windows 7 (64 bit) system back after being attacked by the "Windows 7 Repair" Malware (Let in by the free Windows 7 Antivirus programs, gone back to using Norton which got rid of the Malware)


      But my system is still not working right. In particular Adobe CS5 Premiere Pro 5.0.3 can't get past the the loading screen and just shows "Loading ExporterQuickTimeHost.prm" and sticks there for ever. Now I've read this thread on here and followed the advice on http://www.plee.me/blog/tag/exporterquicktimehost-prm/and allowed Premiere Pro, Adobe QT32 Server.exe and dynamiclinkmanager.exe access via my Firewall programme which is the standard Windows 7 program.


      But Premiere Pro still it does not work. I even reset the Firewall so that all programs would need to ask permission again for access and even that did not help. I've turned off the firewall and Norton and that failed to help too, installed latest QuickTime 7.6.9 and no help either. But when I created a new user profile then Premiere Pro loaded just fine!


      Premiere has run fine on my system for 10 months, it is only since I had to restore Windows back 2 days to a previous System Restore point that this has happened. It would be a lot of work to transfer all my files and software over to a new User Profile and so I wondered if anyone had got any other tricks to try to get Premiere to get past this permissions problem with QuickTime 7.6.9 as it obviously does work there is just some setting wrong in my old profile.