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    Audio, But No Video Before HDV Capture.


      I am aware that HDV doesn't preview during capture. But, I should be able to preview a playing tape BEFORE I hit capture. I know this isn't normal, because other people in this forum have had this problem and the discussion quickly moves toward the assumption that the user means during capture, and the issue never gets resolved.

      So, here are the facts laid out for easy access.


      1. The capture window is open and no capture has started yet.

      2. Audio can be heard from the playing HDV deck (Sony HVR-M15AU).

      3. Only black shows in the video display.

      4. Downconvert on the deck is turned off, all settings seem correct.

      5. Timecode is moving in the capture window.

      6. If I hit "capture," the standard blue screen with the text shows up (as it should) and audio+video has been captured (so it's not the firewire, the driver, or an audio only setting).


      So, the bottom line here is, yeah, I get video afterward and that's fine...but I want to SEE what I'm doing before I start capturing rather than having to guess where to start by listening to the audio. Not that I really have to do any logging, but I imagine that would be impossible in this situation too...so this can't be right.


      Has anyone had this experience? Any solutions? If there's something in the forum that I missed feel free to reply with a link to it!