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    Transferring Captured Video to edit in CS5

    screeen Level 1

      Hi all.


      I am building a new PC for video editing among other uses, and am wondering if it is possible to compile the ways by which captured footage may be transferred to the computer.


      This query pertains to the question of whether my new motherboard should have a Firewire 400 PCI added for an external tape (Sony DSR-11), or NOT.


      So other than using DV and digitising, which looks horrible on any HD screened/carded computer, i am aware of SD and SDHC, but not sure about the difference in terms of the slots necessary for each; if the slot is added externally or may be built into the the motherboard via PCI? And if external, then via USB 2.0, which i understand is a slower mode of media transfer?


      I welcom any info or news on the subject of transferring video from cameras to computers.



      great day:)

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Capturing is only possible over firewire. Your DSR-11 can only use FW400 and there is no other way to get the source material on your hard disk. So yes you need a FW400 connection to capture.


          For non-tape based material, whether that is on a card or disk, ingest is done by simply copying the contents from A to B with B being a hard disk in your system. To ingest, it can be done by means of a USB device, a card reader or whatever, but you need to copy the contents to a hard disk, otherwise it is too slow for editing.

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            lasvideo Level 4

            Harm - Capturing is only possible over firewire.


            You can  capture with a third party I/O card like AJA or Black Magic. They also provide real time conversion output to digital tape as well. In addition they let you take the HD/SDI signal and send it out to an engineering monitor for QC or clients.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Sorry, but that is not the correct terminology. Capturing is only from tape based material over firewire. Anything else is import or ingest. Look here: Adobe Forums: A glossary of video terms


              It avoids misunderstandings if the proper terminology is used. Using HD-SDI is called ingest.

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                RjL190365 Level 4

                I have to agree with Harm, in this case:


                Unless the I/O card has an IEEE 1394a (FW400) pass-through, most I/O cards can accept only analog video at their inputs. And I just took a look at the pictures of the Sony DSR-11 DVCAM deck in question, and it has FW400 as its only digital output. All other outputs from that deck (S-Video and composite video) actually convert digital to analog, which (combined with the conversion from analog back to digital at the I/O card level) can degrade image quality because they cannot handle the full 720x480 resolution: The common composite yellow-plug video connection can only deliver a 480x480 effective image resolution at best, while S-Video is effectively capable of only 560x480 resolution.


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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Your thread title is confusing as well.


                  Captured video is on your hard disk after the digital transfer of data over firewire, so what do you want to transfer to where?

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                    screeen Level 1

                    thanks, I have made the correction, my wish: to find out the various methods, technologies, by which to transfer the digital data from a camcorder - video camera, to a computer, in order to edit in Premier.


                    I am aware that this is possible to do this with firewire connectors as mentioned above, using the tape mentioned above, using a cabel which has 9-pin firewire on one end to connect to the tape, and a 6-pin connector on the other, to connect to a computer. Using this cable, one would "digitize," or capture the footage to the computer, hence, and standing corrected, the act of capturing was done, and there's no question there.


                    I am hoping to strike up a discussion about the alternatives, to consider the difference between SD and SDHC, in terms of how these may be built into a system, built into the motherboard via PCI, PCI-e, USB 2.0, USB 3.0? Or, connected simply via USB on the tower? And what should one look for in a motherboard to accommodate these additions when they are not onboard? And what about new technologies, if one is concerned to build a system that is able to be updated as technologies come in.


                    And, what about Flash memory, and how does it compare with SDHC and SDXC?



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Firewire works with DV AVI or HDV from a tape based camera... this is not digitizing, such as I used to do with a Pinnacle Dv500 card and an Analog 8mm sony camera, since the signal on the DV-HDV tape is already digital, and Firewire is simply a glorified serial port that is used to transfer the signal from tape to computer


                      Any analog source, such as a VCR, needs to be digitized by a conversion device


                      Video from a non-tape camera, be it hard drive or memory card, is also already digital... and is simply copied from camera to computer


                      For the AVCHD my camera records, I use Windows Explorer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/652694?tstart=0

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                        screeen Level 1

                        Hi John, and others.

                        During my own editing days - 1999-2005, "digitizing" was the term for getting your footage off your camcorder and into an editing suite, which for Mac users, such as myself, was Avid and Final Cut Pro.

                        I was quite fascinated by the Adobe Notes page at pacifier.com and your Re: CS5 First Impressions thread, writing that evokes uncertainty about whether you are reporting on past actions or designing a plan. I enjoy that, plus am learning from your experience, so thanks.


                        I still welcom any info or news on the subject of transferring and ingesting video from both tape-based cameras (such as my Sony TRV-900) and HD cameras, to computers, because i am new to PCies, have been a mac user; "simply copying" is NOT a clear thing.


                        I want to build a system that supports the proper cables/ports/slots/I/Os, again, i apologize for any incorrect, outdated or confusing terminology, and i thank everyone for their input.
                        Thanks again.