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    Calling .jsx functions from .js files using HTML Widget


      Hi there,

      I'm using the HTML Widget in a panel to load an html file along with some javascript files. Is there a way to call .jsx Adobe functions from a .js file? I've successfully been able to call an alert() of a .jsx file from the html but have not been able to do anything further than that.


      For example:


      .js file:



      var x = foo('bar');




      .jsx file:


      function foo(x) {
          alert('This works');
          var dir = $.fileName;
          alert('This doesn't work because of $.fileName');
          return 'Directory: ' + dir;}


      So, ultimately I would like to have an HTML Widget in my panel, press a link that will call fiddle with the open document and layer, then return some values back to the HTML Widget's js file.