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    AIR stops responding on every install.  Solution?

      I have been at this for two days now. Normally I can fix my own problems.. but this one has me ready to throw my MacBook Pro across the room, even though I know it's not OS X that is the problem.

      I have installed and uninstalled AIR over 10 times now with various possible solutions to my problem. I first noticed something was up when Twhirl, my favorite AIR app, stopped receiving and sending tweets to/from Twitter. My first thought that the problem was Twhirl, but it wasn't. I re-installed Twhirl several times and still, the very same thing. I then tried installing a couple different AIR apps to see if the problem might be with AIR. I tried installing DestroyTwitter and Adobe Media Player. There I found AIR freezing and forcing me to 'Force Quit' the application every time. I have absolutely no idea why this is. I have logged into my admin account, and the very same thing happens. Created a new account with admin priviledges, very same thing. Went into Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR and deleted that folder after uninstalling AIR, same problem occurs after re-install. Uninstalled all AIR applications (Twhirl, Acrobat.com, and Adobe Media Player) and still, same problem and now I cannot even get my apps back. I'm out of solutions.

      I hope someone can help because this has frustrated the crap out of me. I might also mention that I have Adobe CS4 Master Collection installed.. idk maybe that might have something to do with it. This is driving me NUTS!