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    zoom into the stage.

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      Hello there!!  I wanted to ask please if I want to create a presentation in flash (as SWF file) and I want that in the final SWF file there will be an effect that zooming into one of the stage's object, say for instance this is a picture I want to zoom in and out to/from it, so how can I do it and is this involved with actionscript integration or not?  Cheers!!   atar.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Zooming in is more of an optical illusion.  You enlarge the object to get the effect of zooming in on it.   If you want the effect to be gradual, then you gradually change the scale.  You can either use actionscript or you can use a timeline tween.

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            prodigalmaster Level 2

            for whichever actionscript version you are using, search google for 'flash v-cam actionscript #' and download the component and it should let you resize and some let you rotate. You can tween the v-cam to get smaller and thus giving a zooming in effect.


            Otherwise read the post above.