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    Crashing: Loading ExporterQuickTimeHost.pm


      I'm using the trial of Premiere Pro 5.5 and having lots of problems with it crashing while working on a short (5 minutes) full HD video. I'm on a new HP (1 week old) Win 7 with 12 GB RAM, 2 HD's, quad core i7, with a big Gforce GPU, 64 bit of course.


      When rebooting PP gets stuck on loading ExporterQuickTimeHost.pm.  It just stops booting.  I searched for answers online but it seems that everyone is hopelessly lost on this issue.


      I have the latest Quicktime installed, 7.6.9, if that makes a difference.  A search of my hd for such as file produces no results.


      The only work-around is to reboot the computer.  Then PP loads fine.  However, this cycle of crashing, stuck on loading, and rebooting is happening every hour or two and is getting old quick.


      I exited ZoneAlarm but no help.  PP has full access to everything in my firewall.


      CS3 is still installed.


      I was hoping that 5.5 would be a lot better for HD than my CS3 version.  So far not so good.


      Any ideas?



      Silicon Valley, CA