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    PE9 Organizer Trouble


      I'm near tears and ready to toss in the towel on PE9. I'm not a Adobe novice! I'm working with Classroom in a Book for PE9. On page 64 the exercise begins explorations into Organizer. I follow the instructions to the letter and cannot make my workspace display still images as shown on page 65. All I get are "film icons". I can't even get the star ratings. I've checked Details, Show File Names and Show People Recognition in the View menu and still can't get what the book says I should have. I've been all over drop downs and still can't figure out what is wrong.


      Save me before I uninstall PE9 and throw the program into the garbage! I've learned the professional versions of Photoshop and Illustrator with less frustration.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          There are two, somewhat similar items in PrE - the Organize Tab and the Organizer. Are you in the correct one?


          Are you using the Assets from the CiaB disc, or your own?


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            johncandyme Level 1

            It is the organize tab I'm referring to. This seems to have a PE9 equivalency to Bridge in Photoshop. It appears I cannot even assign ratings unless I have a "still frame" image for each clip. But again, all I have are film strip icons appearing.


            As for the film content, it is the content from the Classroom in a Book footage provided as exercises so I can't imagine it is incompatible. Extensions are all .mov.


            Thanks for any help you can provide!



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Or you can buy a book that explains it all better.


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                johncandyme Level 1

                I bought CiaB on Amazon and did consider the one you recommend. Seems I made the wrong choice. If I wasted my money on CiaB I will write the most scathing review a book ever had on Amazon. I am $/&?! beyond words.


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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  As Bill pointed out, you have confused the Organize/Media panel in Premiere Elements with the Organizer. The Organize/Media panel in Premiere Elements is a relatively passive space. The Elements Organizer is the workspace for assigning metadata like keyword tags ratings and albums.


                  The Elements Organizer is a completely separate program, most easily launched from the Welcome Screen (click Organize) that appears when you first launch Premiere Elements. (You can relaunch this screen by clicking on the little house icon in the upper right of the Premiere Elements interface.)


                  Once you open the Organizer program, you'll find you can do all of the things you'd like to do.

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                    johncandyme Level 1

                    The screenshot where my problems arise (and where CiaB is instructing under the heading "Tagging Clips in Organizer") is NOT the screen where the tabs are: Organize, Edit, Disc Menus and Share - the area for actual editing. I am already familiar with that "home screen". The problem instead is the screen where the tabs are: Organize, Fix, Create and Share. In that Organize tab is the submenu for Albums and Keyword Tags selections.


                    These are two different screens and it is the latter where I get icons instead of the movie clip stills shown in the  book and where I cannot progress through the chapter because what should be visible and available is Greyed out (ratings, etc.)


                    If I was not clear enough before, I'm sorry



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                      johncandyme Level 1

                      Thanks to all who tried to help. I suspect you've given up because you can't see the POS CD that's supposed to give me lessons and sample video to use in learning this program. It shows me what a workspace should look like and everything looks right EXCEPT the most important part - the video itself.


                      Time for me to uninstall this mess and toss it in the trash. No instructional book written by the software creator should cause this kind of ulcer. Four hours later, searching every drop down menu, expanded menu and available resource - and I'm still stuck on what should be the easiest part of learning any program.


                      What a waste of time and money!



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Yep. That's one solution. Take care.