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    serious problem importing P2

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I'm very confused by the fact that the p2 clips I import into Pr are getting their names changed on the way in.


      In the Media Browser, the file I want is called 00015G.MXF.   When i drag it into a Bin or double click it to look at it in the Source tab, the name becomes 0032P9.


      This is only happening to some clips, not all.


      I have several dupe clips in my Project, but the names on the P2 files in the VIDEO folder are unique.


      I'm very concerned.


      I imported my P2 footage, one folder at a time into a Bin reflecting the same name as the P2 card: Card 1, Card 2, etc.  When I do a Reveal in Project on a Card 1 clip, it shows up in my Card 2 Bin.  When I do a Reveal in Finder on that clip in the Card 2 Bin, it takes me to Card 1 in the Finder.  It's very strange, and unsettling.


      I have no idea whether all the media from my P2 folders is actually in my Project now.  I'm going to have to do a clip by clip confirmation and manual dupe detection.  I have a couple hundred clips. 

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          dan_hin Level 1

          You've probably worked this out already but I noticed this too.


          What's actually happening is that Premiere is recognising that some of the .mxf files you've imported are actually split clips (by looking at the metadata) and should be treated as one continuous shot, so it names them as such. You should also notice that the clip duration get's changed to match the length of the original take.


          Hope this helps,