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    Uploading Flash Site

    pfess111 Level 1

      Hello all,



      I have several questions and I would really appreciate any help that you may have.  First off, my main problem is that my company's website is loading slow and I'm not sure why.  All of my images are small file sizes, but I do have 4 scenes that I'm using , maybe that causes slow loading?  I've attached the website address below:




      I created my entire website out of flash.  Is this not the best way to create and publish a website?  Should I use Flash in conjunction with another website building software to create and publish my full website?  If I only use Flash can someone please point me in the direction of how to successfully build and publish a website through Flash that doesn't load slow, i.e. loading things dynamically?  What I've been doing is publishing my site onto my computer and then uploading the .html and .swf files to Godaddy for publishing.   Again, I would really appreciate any help