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    Captivate 5.5 - Bug Solution - Hot Keys

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      Hello all, I have been asked by several friends how to fix the screen shot bug and after some time was able to figure it out.


      I have posted this here because Adobe does not allow direct bug submissions for programs; hopefully a mod will add this to the FAQ area of the software.



      Hotkeys are used by Adobe Captivate and by the software you are recording.


      Captivate 3: Hotkeys automatically perform the action

      Captivate 4 & 5: You must click outside of the red recording box area and then hit the hot key otherwise the hotkey is associated with the program or screen being filmed and not the adobe captivate software. This presents a big issue with manually taking screens hots but there is no way around it.


      This is not so much of a bug but a design change from previous versions and I have seen a number of questions on the forums about issues with hot keys.



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          Just wanted to let you know that there has always been a way to log a bug report or a feature request. If you want to reach the Adobe team, that is the way to go. Here is the link to the form:


          Bug report



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            M_Anand Level 3

            Hi There,


            Your solutions seems to be quite handy. However, in cases of full screen recording, shifting focus may not the ideal solution.


            I just want to bring out this fact this THIS IS NOT A BUG BUT IS AS DESIGNED.

            Whatever combination of hot-keys we give, there would always be an application that would too have the same hot-keys.


            So what do we do?

            For such cases, in Captivate we have a facility to re-configure the hotkeys. The keys can be set as per one's convenience in Preferences dialog at Recording -> Key(s).



            so this is what I would do if i intend to use manual screen-capture during recording:


            I know what app I would record ON. I would first test whether that app also consumes Cp's default hot-key to take screenshots.



            If( app also consumes Cp's default hot key)

                            Then - change the default key, prior to start recording, at Preferences Dialog: Recording: Key(s)


            Go ahead


            hope this helps...