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    Double sided printing, back page is inverted


      I am trying to print a PDF document on Adobe Reader 9 using my printer which defaults to 2-sided printing.  Using landscape mode I cannot find any way of stopping the second page from being "upside-down".  It is as if it expected me to flip the pages about the top of the page rather than the side.  Printing a Word document using exactly the same settings for the printer results in pages printed "normally."   Because I am using the same settings for my printer, this must be an Acrobat problem.  Suggestions?

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          rymcn70 Level 1

          Found the work around myself.  There is a switch in my printer setup for "flip vertical," which, when activated, shows the binding along the top of a landscape page.  However, when activated it stopped the "upside down" feature and it now prints so that it reads normally with the binding on the left.  Weird.  Why different for Word and Acrobat?