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    DSLR clips and timecode during the breakout to mono process

    lasvideo Level 4

      I've bumped into something a little trouble regarding DSLR clips in PrP.


      I built a sequence with some provided DSLR clips.The audio track is stereo. It was decided after cutting this piece that the clips should be mono and 1 of the mono tracks deleted.I wanted to convert everything to mono so I used the Breakout to Mono command on the original stereo clip in the browser. I then highlighted the original stereo clip  (in the sequence) I wanted to replace and with the playback head on the first frame of that clip, I did a match frame. I memorized that number, lthen loaded in the the Mono version of the clip and the timecode of the matchframe was not the same as the stereo clip. The timecode of the clip changed when I did the Breakout to Mono process. Thats not a good thing.


      So whats up with DSLR clips inPrP. Are they just assigned random numbers when imports, that change if you do a Breakout to Mono process on them?