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    MIME Encoding Shell Routine for Windows?

    fazstp Level 2

      I have been looking at MIME encoding of attachments for emailing with the MultiUser xtra. After deciding that Lingo is just way too slow for the job I managed to find a workable shell routine in OSX using Valentin's shell xtra. You still need to format the results into the email but this handles the grunt work for the encoding nicely. It was taking over 80 seconds to encode just 500kb in Lingo and this will do it in a couple of seconds.


      Anyway my question is does anyone know of an equivalent Windows native routine that is present in any default Windows installation?



      on UUEncode me, v_file_name

        -- get posix form of file name

        v_file_name = baUnixName( v_file_name )


        -- init shell command

        v_shell_command = "uuencode -m '" & v_file_name & "' '" & v_file_name & "'"


        -- run shell

        v_result = shell_cmd( v_shell_command )


        -- return result

        return v_result


      end UUEncode

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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2

          Posix was in Windows with NT and 200.

          Then MS changed to Interix, that is a full featured Posix and Unix subsystem for Windows.

          It's a component of the "services for Unix" and must be installed by hand.

          But is only included in the Enterprise and Ultimate Editions of Vista and 7.

          For more Information search for Interix on Wikipedia.




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