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    CS5 print booklet


      I have documents that were created in CS3 and printed perfectly that now won't print as a booklet in CS5. My most recent document appears correctly on screen but pulls various pages together to print rather than organising itself to print as it appears on screen. The document is 36 pages long.


      When printing booklet it prints page 1 with 36, 2 with 35, 3 with 34 etc rather than shuffling and placing the pages together as they appear on the speads on the screen 2 with 3, 3 with 4 etc.


      Does anyone know what is causing this and how to rectify it?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That's exactly the way Print Booklet is intended to function -- it creates an imposed print ready for binding -- unless you choose the "consecutive" imposition. If you want to view readers' spreads for proofing, you don't need to use Print Booklet, just check the "Spreads" box in the print dialog.