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    Premiere Pro Newbie Question about Sequences...

    clsimeone Level 1

      I've just started using / learning Premiere Pro and I have a simple question that I can't find an answer for. So here is is...


      What exactly is a sequence?


      I have found plenty of answers about how to use sequences ion various ways, but nothing that says "this is what a sequence is, and here's why you use them."


      I understand that each sequence can contain multiple clips and has it's own timeline and that each sequence can have different video settings.


      But what is the purpose of multiple sequences?


      Are they a way of organizing your story?


      Do sequences act as layers?


      Can you render a sequence seperately as it's own video? Or are all sequences exporterd at once to render a complete video of all clips in the project?


      Are they a way of spillting up and organizing long chunks of video?


      I can grasp all the cool things that can be done with them, but I want a basic understanding on why and when I should use them, so I know I'm using them correctly and for the right reasons.