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    Connecting Flex 2 To Data Sources

      I have order flex 2 (out of my own pocket) so I can learn how to use it. Hopefully I should have it in the next day or two.

      It seems that once I get going, the truly cool stuff will be connected to some sort of data source.

      Any suggestions for getting inexpensive data sources set up so I could learn that piece of flex?

      Currently my web host allows a SQL database, but I have not really made use of that feature.

      Paying for something like Cold Fusion out of my own pocket is a little to much for me. Paying for the upgrades for Production Studion and the old Macromedia Studio 8 will suck up most of my play cash in the next year or so.

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          MS Access can make SQL databases and are suitable for learning on as its easy to use and set up. They have considerable limitations in the real world however so dont intend on using them for anything that requires lots of users or complex and fast queries. You can pick up an old version of office like 2000 for cheap and it will build and read the mdb files.

          You can also just make static XML files and parse them like they were live content, your app wont know the difference.
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            AwesomeDigital Level 1
            Since I have SQL on my web host, and Microsoft is kind enough to have a very cheap developer version of SQL for my local PC, using that as a database is an option.

            But, I BELIEVE the problem is then the interface between SQL and Flex. I would still need to purchase and learn something like dot net to create web services that Flex could use to get to the SQL data, no?

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              leotemp Level 1
              well you dont need to purchase anything to write .net and even ASP could fill the role of server side technology for most flex apps. In fact one nice thing about IIS is that you can write your server side script in javascript which is very similar to actionscript which is nice and if you need to do client side script you can swap your javascript functions back and forth in your client and server side scripts. Also you dont have to use MS technologies to talk to their DBs, you could use whatever script enviroment that your host has to offer. As far as rendering XML you can use dataBinding objects on the host or even just render it your self like

              var rName = ""+ sqlObject("Record_Name");
              var result= "";
              result= "<xml>\n\r<name>"+ rName+ "</name>\n\r</xml>"
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                ntsiii Level 3
                Yes, the Microsof Visual Web Developer, which is free, might work for you. I plan to start working with this fairly soon and will post if I discover anything cool.

                I stronly advise using HTTPService and e4x XML in Flex.

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                  AwesomeDigital Level 1
                  Thanks Tracy!

                  I didn't know about that.

                  Free is good.