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    Slightly confusion with pixel aspect ratios

    Cocovanna Level 1

      I just can't understand the pixel aspect ratios for 4:3 SD movies in PAL and NTFS.


      Confirmed, both from the PP manual and from the Info for 4:3 assets I get:

        PAL: 720x576 frame size, pixel aspect ratio 1.0940 => picture aspect ratio becomes 1.3675
        NTFS: 720x480 frame size, pixel aspect ratio 0.9091 => picture aspect ratio become 1.36365


      This is not 4:3, but a little bit wider. If I take a printscreen of PP showing the 4:3 asset (PAL), and check it out, it confirms that the ratio is 1.3675. If i do the same for media players, the ratio yields correctly as 1.33


      What is going on? Where do I misunderstand? Why are the pixel aspect ratios for PAL and NTFS not 1.066 and 0.889 respectively, yielding a 4:3 picture aspect ration?


      The same approx. 2-3% too wide format repeats for 16:9 SD PAL and NTFS, whereas the HD formats fit perfectly