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    cfquery datasource="mydb" result="result" - used to work but now gives "Variable RESULT is undefined

    happysailingdude Level 1

      Hi there


      I have a query that uses the "result" attribute




      <cfquery datasource="arj" result="result">



      it's been working fine for years - now all of a sudden it stops working (we haven't changed a thing)


      Now we get this error "Variable RESULT is undefined"


      This has happend to me a few times now - each time the same.. a query using the "result" attribute works fine for ages then out of the blue it stops.


      I once saw a thread where others were having the same problem and at the time it was unresolved. I can't find that thread now (wasn't in adobe forums) so am hoping someone out there can thrown some light on this one?


      Thanks chaps.